Tipping in Casinos

January 15, 2017 @ 6:38 pm
Tipping in Casinos – The Unspoken Law of the Casino Family

I know millions of people have probably wondered whether or not they are supposed to tip the casino: http://allgokkasten.nl/ workers when they go out to gamble. Honestly, because the Casino employees really act as waitresses, hostesses, bussers, and concierges, they really should get something.

Because of the confusion on the issue, there are a lot of mixed opinions, so here are some basic rules and tips for tipping casino employees and dealers that should give you a better idea of how to treat the issue.


Dealers are often confused for professionals that are paid for their expertise, or their “higher rank” amongst casino employees, but the fact is, they get paid at or near minimum wage, and just like waiters, they depend on their tips to get enough money for their necessities.

With the sole purpose of dealing effectively, the dealer is barraged all day by losers with bad attitudes, drunks with accusations and spilled drinks, and all types of treatment, from praise all the way to assault on a daily basis. They tend to hope people win, and honestly as long as a dealer is not being a total you know what, or you just lost your you know what, I would tip them something. Another thing is that they are accustomed to it, so honestly it’s considered rude not to, unless you can’t help it.

How to Tip a Dealer

You can ask them, but a lot of players will just slide them some chips or cash at the end of their hand, or throw a bet down for the dealer. I would always ask them, just incase they need the money, but most dealers love to play, so betting for them is a good way to give them some extra excitement.

Also, it helps get the dealers affection to be a descent tipper early on in the game, because even though dealers aren’t allowed to manipulate the games in any way, they are full of good tips and advice, like 16.66% of the time the dice land on 7 and 11.


Opinions vary, but I think all of the drinkers agree that tipping is mandatory. I mean let’s be honest you don’t want someone that brings you drinks mad at you. Waitresses at casinos stay very busy, and take a lot of junk off of people as well, so even if she comes a little late, try to still tip and understand that they are magnificent creatures that bring us alcohol and cokes! How could they be bad?

There’s actually a funny acronym for TIPS. It’s “To Insure Proper Service”, and honestly, anyone that has every worked a second shift as waiter knows that you are mad at everyone if you don’t even have enough for food and cigarettes after a long days grind.

How Much to Tip

How much you tip is reliant on three basic principles. Rule of thumb is to gauge this tip on their performance. Which is great, because it forces companies to gear their training towards treating us like we’re priceless. So in that aspect, waitress have this on their mind when they get to work. Another important factor is if you won or lost. Basically, it’s good practice to tip more if you win more, but for the most part, just don’t insult anyone and you’ll be fine. I usually just set a limit and a minimum, and I’m nice, so they all like me, and while most dealers nail it, some waitresses have attitudes that affect what I give them, but they still usually land towards my max, because I know about them.

Tipping in More Depth

Dealers dealing at a $1 a hand table and dealers dealing at a $100 a hand table work exactly the same, so still treat them fair. Most dealers split a pool that is collected from all of their tips, which is a great way to keep them striving to be their honest best, so that everyone comes out good.

Here’s One Scenario

Lets say you hit $1500. Well, there will normally be an attendant that comes to verify you for the pot. An IRS W-2G will most likely be given to you on a pot of this size, so that you can pay taxes. An minimum to tip the person is $12, which is one percent, but I would tip them an even $20, just incase they need the money. Not everyone has ends met all of the time nowadays, and heck if you won $1200, what’s a $20?

Something to keep in mind with cocktail waitresses, is they again depend on their tips, but with people all coming in to get free drinks, after a while, it’s like they are working their humps off for people who don’t understand the fact that people at McDonalds don’t run around like that for you. NEARLY. So, it’s fair play to give them a dollar a drink. You know? It keeps them smiling at you as well. Good vibes are priceless.


Conclusively, tipping is not an obligation. You should care though. these people are hard working, ambitious people with dreams and hopes. They come to work smiling everyday with the hopes that they make enough to feed the kids, and fix the car, and still want to do it tomorrow, just like us. In this day and age, and I won’t sugar coat this at all… tipping is expected and considered courteous.

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